Every week, we offer virtual group French webinars and classic French lessons. The webinar class provides 45 minutes of French teaching and exercises and a 15 minutes question and answer session via chat. The classic lesson provides 1 hour of French course where you can interact with the teachers, other students and ask questions. You can try the first lesson for free by clicking on the link below, after that each webinar and/or lesson will cost $16:


To know which French class to join, you can take a free test of your French level here.


If you would like to continue after the trail lesson, you can purchase a package for Group French lessons in our shop.

Schedule French lesson:

-Thursdays, 4PM (Paris timezone)

Schedule French webinars:

-Mondays, 4PM (Paris timezone)


À bientôt pour vos cours de français !

Inspire Academy Online Team